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Re: Discovery Channel program

Dan Moonhawk Alford wrote:

> Susan Tsantiris talked about it, then Robert Brumbaugh Jr 
> was shown continuing his Yale Prof. father's work on the Ms.
> (Are neither of these people on our List?)

Who is Susan Tsantiris?
In any case, I once asked Robert Babcock if he had contact info
of Robert Conrad Brumbaugh (Jr.) and he said that he didn't.
There is a daughter around as well, but she married and Babcock
didn't know here new family name. She (as opposed to her brother)
still lives in the New Haven area.

My reason for seeking contact was that they might still have in
their possession images of folio 1r with or without the application
of chemicals. These might reveal the additional 'hidden' information
on this page: the year nr (1*30), the word 'Prag' near the signature
and the alphabet tables.

> Following his father's "key," Brumbaugh matched 14 distinct 
> "letters" to numeric values; he says he found "arithmetic 
> problems" in the marginal notes of one of the folios 
> (which?) that helped confirm the numeric key. Reconstructing
> the label near "one of his favorite pictures," a plant, 
> using the numeruc key -- which lays out numbers with the 
> English alphabet -- 7-5-7-7-5-2, he gets "p-e-p-p-er," which
> could be the name of the plant pictured.  He read "more and 
> more" of it this way. Voila! Case solved.

This is all his father's work. I don't recognise anything new.
Except perhaps, that the plant name was originally decoded as
'pepperquoqus' and Jr. just left out the 'quoqus'. Another plant
apparently was called pepperhelayc.

> So this life's work of Brumbaugh, continued by his son, 
> makes incredibly little sense to me on the face of it. Can 
> anyone straighten me out on this, or comment?

In addition to Jim's remarks, the weakness of Brumbaugh's case
never becomes more apparent than in his decoding of star names
in the zodiac section.

   Rene (and welcome all in a new era in Voynich MS decoding!!)