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Re: Extext of "True and Faithful Relation," Sloane 3188?

Karl Kluge wrote:

> Howdy, and Happy New Year! Much to my relief, the Y2K bug doesn't appear
> to be causing the collapse of industrial society (I don't think I'd have
> a lot of marketable job skills in a post-Apocalyptic economy), so it's
> back to thinking about the Voynich.
> One of the vexing things is that while circumstantial evidence seems to
> favor Dee's ownership, he doesn't appear to mention it at all. After all,
> he explicitly asks the angels for help with the tables in the "Book of
> Soyga," so it seems odd that he wouldn't ask about the Voynich. Has anyone
> read the "True and Faithful Relation" with a careful eye to possible
> references?
> Alternatively, does anyone have etexts of TFR and the earlier workings in
> Sloane 3188? Some carefully thought out grepping might help double check
> that nothing was missed.
> Karl

I and my friend Partick Muir Scheible at University of Washington essayed
this. It was on Microfilm and I had to keep switching lesnes. It is all very
vague, as far as I remember. My copies of Microfilm were destoryed in a flood.
I wrote the British Library and was neber able to get more copies. There were
3 Slone MSS, and I have forgotten all the numbers. These are the ones we
loaded into a photogrpher enlarger and produced enlargements fropm which we
made photocopies as a cost effective measures. It is very hard to detect
anything that directly point to the VMS.

If there is an ETEXT I would be willing to try again.with more modern
technology. Dee and one must add Kelley clearly working with a pretty clear
text.inspite of Enochian and all that. But all that being said a a "try, try,
again..." might yet bear some fruite. Are there ETEXTS floating around.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve