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Re: Codex Serafinianus (sp?)

Gabriel wrote:
> Can anybody point out to the comment (long ago) about the 
> numeric system in the codex Serafinianus (spell?) being on base 
> 31?
> Who and how was this cracked?

In a 1991 post, a member called Ron Hale-Evans wrote: 

> Reading through the digests on rand.org, I notice that someone
> mentioned the Codex Seraphinianus and asked if anyone had done
> any work on it. I have managed to largely decode the numbering
> system at the bottom of the pages. It is not a number-place system
> like Arabic or binary. It works more like Roman numerals. I can
> supply some more information if anyone wishes.

I did not immediately find the earlier reference, nor any follow-up.

Cheers, Rene