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Re: Codex Seraphinianus

We had a long discussion about the numbering and various other
aspects on the SF-Lovers list in 1987.  Martin Feather started
working it out and ran into some snags, but recognized the
essential radix-21 representation.  The definitive work was
done by Allan C. Wechsler -- as far as I know his is the earliest
complete exposition of the numbering.

Wechsler thought the codex language was a fake, based on an
analysis of "upper-case" characters.  Others weren't convinced.

Bill Newlin wrote in 1994:
:The author is alive and well and living in Italy.  The Dutch publisher
:who participated in the international co-edition (Maarten Asscher of
:Meulenhoff) claims he is a man of "high seriousness," and that he insists
:the language is genuine.
	Jim Gillogly
	Highday, 13 Afteryule S.R. 2000, 23:49, 12 Akbal 11 Kankin, Sixth Lord of Night