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Re: An invented language (or a hoax?)

RSRICHMOND@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Indeed this strange tale Frogguy bears from
> http://www.geocities.com/aladgyma/stories/sodom/intro.htm
> of a story so repulsive that the writer fears it would cause real harm if
> anyone ever read it, so - in order to publish it! - he claims to have
> translated it into a constructed language whose documentation he then
> destroyed -

You know, I was not having my tongue in my cheek. Luigi Serafini claims
his Codex is written in a real language. By "real" he only means that it
not glossalalia, I gather.  This fellow, Simon Whitechapel, who posts on
sci.lang as amygdala (and whose e-mail is aladgyma), claims something
similar.  Imagine that Jorge or Mark were to waste their time analyzing
Amygdalese, independently, and without telling Whitechapel (but I doubt
that there is quite enough data  there).  *Then* we  ask Amygdala about
the truth of it, in the  full knowledge that he might tell us a lie.
The same could be done with the Codex Seraphinianus, except that the
effort of transcribing it would not make it worthwhile. However, I have
a suggestion for Jorge (I think this is right down  his line of
The writing of the Codex is extremely regular,  and clear. Say I  scan
Jorge, can you figure out an optical character-recognition algorithm
that would turn that  into an ascii transcription?  I strongly suspect
the problem  is not so very difficult. I had given much thought to
it for  the Easter Island hieroglyphs, which are so astonishingly
modular, and, in my ignorance, I came to believe it could be done. I
it would have very general applications, too. If I wasn't so committed
to dispelling misconceptions about those hieroglyphs, I'd give  it a
But unlike the VMS, those hieroglyphs have attracted nothing but kooks
and madmen. Those Augean stables need cleaning. (Call me Herakles)

That was

... yet another unhinged  idea/suggestion/ranting/thinking-aloud

yours qoteedily!

(okedy qocheedy dain!)