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Re: LSC sums for monkey texts

On 15 Jan 00, at 8:47, Mark Perakh 

> Therefore I submit that the behavior of monkey texts can be
> reasonably foreseen from the data for permuted texts. 

I am not sure that I follow. It is easier to generate a n-order 
character monkey text because you store only the probabilities 
and then you only generate the "next" character. How do we 
generate permuted n-plets and assure that the probabilities of the 
"plets" appearing at the boundaries of the newly permuted "plets" 
are also falling within the observed probabilities of the original 

> These data showed that LSC distinguishes quite well between original
> meaningful text and its permutations (letter- words- , and verses
> permutations alike). 

It may be, but if you consider n-order WORD monkey texts, you 
lost all original meaning while the new text still it is readable (all 
sequences of 3 words in the new text *exist* in the original text) 
and therefore some grammar remains. That is why is "readable"; in 
order 1-word monkeys are just the words in random order and 
therefore grammar is lost.

I still suspect that LSC would not differentiate between, an
order 3 *word*-Monkey and a real text, but of course I haven't 
tested it.