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A few LSC comments

I haven't yet been able to do any further calculations and comparisons,
but here are a few assorted comments.

First of all, Jim Reeds detected an error in the calculation of Se, but
it soon turned out that this is a typo on my web page.
Where I wrote:
Se = 2 (L* - k) ( 1 - SUM ( etc....   ))
it should have been:
Se = 2 (L* - n) ( 1 - SUM ( etc....   ))

Secondly, I agree with Gabriel that using a 3rd order word monkey
would be even more interesting in terms of checking the capabilities
of the LSC method in detecting meaningful text. On the other hand,
getting meaningful word entropy statistics is even more difficult
than getting 3rd order character entropy values, so the text from
a 3rd order word monkey will repeat the source text from which the 
statistics have been drawn much more closely than should be the
case. As before, a 1st order word monkey will be equivalent to a
random permutation of words, and if it is true (in a statistically
significant manner) that the LSC test distinguishes between one and
the other, we do have another useful piece of evidence w.r.t. the
Voynich MS text.

In view of the difficulty in judging the meaningfulness of my
quick tests using character monkeys, I'll add 95% (e.g.) confidence
intervals around the Sm curves for the random texts.
Some time in the next few days.

More later, Rene