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Re: LSC and the VMS

On 22 Jan 00, at 10:27, Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> Moreover, I suspect that any nonsense text that is generated `by hand'
> (i.e. without the help of dice or other mechanical devices) will
> show long-range variations in letter frequencies at least as 
> strong as those seen in meaningful texts.

Your suspicion is correct. I remember reading a paper where they 
showed a human-written sequence of random numbers which had 
long range correlations.

I can post the reference on Monday if anybody is interested. 
I also remember that the power spectrum of the equal-symbol 
sequence of the number Pi in the decimal expansion (coded as in 
the 1st example I gave on DNA) is flat for a very large number of 
digits (I will post this too, but I got the reference at work).