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Re: Prague visit (fwd)

On Feb 1, 10:58, Rene wrote:

> Subject: Re: Prague visit (fwd)
> Jim Reeds schrieb:
> > Be sure to check out the preserved dodo in the Strahov Monastery
> > library.
> Since I'll probably be in Prague at the same time as Stolfi, I am 
> intrigued by the above. Is it better than the one in the Washington
> Natural History museum (which is only a skeleton)?
> Cheers, Rene 
>-- End of excerpt from Rene

Can't say.  It's in a pickling jar, all kind of floppy & wet
-looking.  Feathers, beak, claws.

But look: there are not so many dodos in the world that we can
afford to look at the beautiful ones only.

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