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An inventory of the collections of Rudolpf II

Dear all,

there have been occasional references to "a catalogue of Rudolph's
collections". Here's one in:
Jacqueline Dauxois: L'empereur des alchimistes, Rodolphe II de
Habsbourg (German translation of 1997):

   In an inventory list of 1619, seven years after his death, 3000
   paintings are listed from Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raffael [etc],
   2500 sculptures and thousands of other objects, which have
   been estimated at the incredible value of 17 Million florins.

But here's another one:
After world war two, one Gustav Wilhelm discovered an ancient
document in a library in Liechtenstein. It was a hitherto unkown
inventory of  Rudolph's "Kunstkammer", started in 1607 and 
containing entries up to 1611.
He made a transcription in 1947 and handed this over to one 
Erwin Neumann in 1956. The latter managed to identify a large 
number of the objects but died prematurely. The edition
finally appeared in 1976.
The inventory was written by the painter Daniel Fröschl, 
who succeeded Ottavio Strada as imperial antiquarian  on 1 May

Has anyone ever seen specific references to the latter inventory?
Its edition appeared after Evans' Rudolph II and his world (1973) 
but he may have known about it. Does anyone who has access
to this work know if he refers to it? 

This inventory is now kept in the library of the prince (Fürst)
of Liechtenstein. There are two publications about it (which I
have not yet seen):

E. Neumann: "Das Inventar der rudolfinischen Kunstkammer
von 1607/11", in: Analecta Reginensia. Queen Christina of
Sweden, documents and studies. Stockholm 1966, S. 262-265.

R. Bauer and H. Haupt: "Das Kunstkammerinventar Kaiser
Rudolphs II. 1607-1611. In: Jahrbuch der Kunsthistorischen
Sammlungen in Wien, Bd. 72, 1976.

Any hint / suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I will
of course try to find the above references.

Cheers, Rene