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VMS History


Welcome to VMS! I'm a linguist, mostly an evesdropper on the list. I got
"infected" with curiosity about it from Terance McKenna, recently
deceased, when I did a couple of public-cable-tv shows featuring him. He
introduced me to a MS unlike any other -- a great mystery! -- with
illustrations of botanicals, many of which seemed to be not of this Earth,
couched in a language which might as well be not, having defied centuries
of probing by some of the finest minds available, including members of the
Intelligence services of the United States. Having lived in Native America
for 4 years, and been in close contact for 30, I love a Great Mystery!

As singer Billy Joel recently answered, when asked on Bravo's Actors
Workshop, "What turns you on?": "I'm getting to an age where COMPETENCE
really turns me on!" And competence, in this case, has to do with personal
experience. Your experiences with VMS belong, in the larger sense, to the
history of this magnificent, impenetrable great mystery!

warm regards, moonhawk


"I don't need a compass to tell me which way the wind shines!" 
                                                   -- Roy, Mystery Men