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Works of Vickie (WAS: Re: glossolalia on the Net)

Jacques Guy wrote:

> on alt.fan.bill-gates to be precise.
> Tune in to alt.fan.bill-gates and look for
> posts by Vicki.
> Here is one, under the subject line:

    Here are the collected works of Vickie, with commentary by various

    As one fellow notes, this sounds more like
schizophrenia (eg. Frances Dec) than glossolalia.  So here we have
another corpus
of schizophrenic talk, somewhere on the simple - paranoid
schizophrenic spectrum.



>> Forum: alt.destroy.microsoft
 >> Thread: You ought to...

 Subject:   You ought to...
 Date:  06/09/2000
 Author: Jacques Guy <jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 tune in to alt.fan.bill-gates, and read the posts
 by a certain Vicki. I mustn't spoil it for you.
 Just do it, I promise you won't regret it.

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 >> Thread: And They Repented Not of Their Soceries
 Subject:  And They Repented Not of Their Soceries
 Date:  05/31/2000
 Author:  Vicki <purk@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 Did yoiu think they would?

 Did Muslim father, dear American Indian father
 I appeal to you. as here gross darkness reignsa
 supreme in the minds of most of the peopel.

 the latest...for my thoughts.

 ice man found...cave man....out of body
 rosy cross dreams.....RIGHT!!!!!

 it says God will raise the spir-t of the Medes and the

 Nee you wonder why???????????????

 what pleseant dreams do they forcxe on your children"

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 >> Thread: AND THEIR IS MORE...
    Re: And They Repented Not of Their Soceries

 Subject:  AND THEIR IS MORE...
    Re: And They Repented Not of Their Soceries
 Date: 05/31/2000
 Author: Vicki <purk@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 Read with my corrections to those who cannot read between
 the lines,

 > Dear Muslim father, Dear American Indian father
 I appeal to you, to hear my words,
 as here gross darkness rules supreme in the minds
 of most of the people, mj\en who attack their
 daughters in the night, while the mother sleeps,
 mothers who leave their sons in toliests and dung upon
 the heap...here they call
 these ,men and sons brothers!

 Here I must reason and use logic with those
 who claim they are your brothers while telling me I can
 read Gods WORD while sitting against tress and
 going to the bathroom and even use the pages to wipe
 their unclean butts!
 Here I am expected to reason with men, who caLIM THEY CALL YOU

 you decide...

 Here God must raise girls up from the womb to
 defend his honor and his namje as their are none to be found
 in the land feeled with gross darkness and the people!

 Here I must use a daughters hand to speak as they are filled
 with unclean hands, calling you brothers!

 Me, Vicki
 a daughter, whose Father has risen to defend her
 honor, where no men, no fathers, or brothers could
 be pound who was not afraid of the warth of men
 who are here today and but dust tommorrow.


 Subject:    MY SON
 Date: 05/31/2000
 Author:    Vicki <purk@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 Can ytou imagine what it is they
 have tried to make me believe conceringin my son?

 Is my son, worth less than another?

 Is this mom, less than another mom?
 By what value do wwe use to weigh

 mothers and and sons....that you force
 a mother to cry out to God in HIS HEAVEN....
 then claim she is looking aout for number one...herself...
 when tiome and time she warned....it is my
 son......not me I fight and die4 for.

 reasoning with mothers and fathers who throw thewir
  sons away as trash to be taken away....

 then I am said...me, I will die to save my
 son from the flames of a hell I believe
 is to come.

 your son may not mean that much...but mine does.

 ponder that, sublime words I use this day.


 Subject:  A Mother and a Son
 Date: 05/31/2000
 Author: Vicki <purk@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 In the space of 30 minutes I have been threaten with
 buddist monks and Van Dam who will
 enter my body as they leave theirs
 and break my spine.

 To destroy a woman pleading to God for her son.

 You look at the words spilled on haste, in anguish
 in no where to go but, the one whose name I defended.
 tears and say...it is a female monkey escaped
 her handler, biting his hand.....

 men who see your sons as but monkeys,  become men.

 Jews, Muslims, men who love their daughters and theor sons
 who all color all ages, died to protect their children..

 you calcalate your words on women
 pleading begfore the God of whole earth...it is my son.
 YOU said their is a hell, a lake of fire,,,,,not me.
 you said enoch and elijah did not die....that
 it is appointed unto men once to die
 then the judgement.

 I appeal to you oh God....my son....men
 who over power mothers fighting to save her son...from within.
 and you think that he may somehow hear
 your prayers, over mine?


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 >> Thread: MY SON

 Subject: Re: MY SON
 Date:  05/31/2000
 Author: David C. Wright <wright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 In group alt.fan.bill-gates, article <8h3hr7$gip$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 Vicki <purk@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


 >your son may not mean that much...but mine does.
 >ponder that, sublime words I use this day.

 Vicki, have you ever heard that religious delusions are commonly
 experienced by schizophrenics?  Among these delusions may be
 influences of God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Knights Templar (the
 Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem), the Rosucrucians (Rosy Cross,
 thought to be an offshoot of the Knights Templar because of their
 standard of a red cross), The Masons (thought to be an offshoot of
 the Rosicrucians and/or the Knights Templar).

 Your rants indicate quite strongly to me that you may be experiencing
 schizophrenia, and I strongly recommend that you subject yourself to
 an examination by a qualified psychiatrist.  I haven't heard rants
 like yours since I read "Focault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco.  He, at
 least, has the excuse of being an author of fiction.

 You appear to be in danger of losing your son.  If this is so, I
 strongly suspect that this problem is a consequence of your apparrent
 mental disorder.  If you submit yourself for treatment for this
 disorder, then it is quite possible that, with treatment, you will be
 permitted to keep your son, and you can experience a reasonably full
 and satisfying life, while retaining custody of your son.  There are
 drugs available on prescription that can control schizophrenia.

 Of course, if you refuse to submit yourself for diagnosis and
 therapy, then it is entirely possible that your son will be taken
 from you, but, under the circumnstances, I don't think you are
 capable of determining if that is either good or bad.  It may
 actually be the best thing for your son.

 you see, while you seem to evaluate your son in terms of what powers
 he provides to you, the fact of the matter is that he should be
 evaluated in terms of what is best for him, not you.  If, as you
 think, you are a good mother, you would know this.

 Again, I strongly advise consulting with your physician about this
 problem. You can be helped, but you have to ask, first.