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agraphia II

Another two characteristics of aphasias:
1)  Loss of certain types of words.  If verbs were lost for
instance, the lack of them and their conjugated endings would
result in a sharp change of letter serial correlation (LSC).
2)  Some forms of aphasia are very verbose, the client will
speak extremely long 'run-on' sentences with little meaning due
to lack of self-monitoring.  Is there anything in the VMS to
indicate this?

Something else to check is the consistency or inconsistency of
the handwriting.  I know it's difficult to count the number of
letters, but is the handwriting TOO consistent even given this,
to be the product of someone with agraphia?  Also, is it
possible that this is really a cipher, but one produced by
someone with agraphia so that we have enciphered jargon?