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Re: Czech references (was Re: About Thaddeus Hajek)

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> Can this diary quote be traced?
> I do remember mention of a gold bracelet and / or jewellery worth
> a few hundred ducats, which Kelly brought from Prague (IIRC) but
> I later learned that many of Kelly's trips to Prague (while they
> were in exile) were to Rosenberg's castle, not Rudolf's.

In Halliwell under 1587:

Jan. 18th, rediit E. K. a Praga. E. K. browght with him from the 
Lord Rosenberg to my wyfe a chayne and juell estemed at 300 duckettes; 
200 the juell stones, and 100 the gold. Jan. 21st, E. K. again to
Prage and so to Poland ward.

Best regards,