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Re: Another picture of Marci

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> To our left of Marci I see a human brain, which must relate
> to Marci's discoveries on the subject of epilepsy.
> To our right: now doesn't that look like a sunflower???

We can always see what we hope to see :-) Andrew Watsons sees
Dee's handwriting and you see a sunflower where there is none.
The symbol on the right refers to his discoveries in optics.
To quote from the descriptive page on the same site:

> Twenty years before
> Newton he thoroughly described rainbow colours, the spectral 
> dispersion of light beams passing through a prism, the
> diffraction of light on a wire, edge and lattice, colours of 
> thin bubbles. He found that monochromatic rays do not change their
> colour by repeated refraction. He also performed experiments in 
> mechanics related to pendulum. 

Best regards,