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Re: Why not Dee?

"Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:

> Yes, I thought of it, too - but VMS certainly does not look 17th c.
> It must have been produced before 1600.

    Once again.  I feel pretty good about a date of ca 1480.

1)  Julie Porter, who was a Renaissance Fair costumes-mistress several
note that hairdoes are the most clearly dated features of costume.  The
nymph's hairdoes date them to 1480-1520.

2)  Jim Reeds feels certain that the VMs script derives from the "humanist
hand", a writing style that flourished only in several decades in the
1400's.   This style fell between the Gothic style of the Middle Ages
and the Italic style of the Renaissance that later formed the basis
for modern typefaces.

    If anyone has new ideas, I'd like to hear them.