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Re: Misovsky's MS in Uppsala

Jim Reeds wrote:

> (Book 3 teaches a method by which it is possible to teach in two
> hours an ordinary person who only knows his mother tongue, who
> doesn't know any words of the latin language at all, to write,
> read & understand polished & eloquent latin blah blah blah.
> Misovsky promises to do the same for Bohemian, in the course of
> 1 hour!
> It's commonly understood that T was hinting at the word-list
> ciphers described in Books 1 through 4 of his Polygraphia.
> But wouldn't it be nice if there really were such a method for
> language instruction!  Two hours for latin, one for czech, then
> its time for lunch.  In the afternoon, I think I'll master dutch and
> lithuanian.)


I (almost) hate to bring this up, but didn't Roger Bacon make
some related claims? (About a general method for teaching any
language in a minimal amount of time?)

Cheers, Rene