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Re: Jacobus' signature

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> > it can be nothing
> > else than Baresch's will. A copy of it could be a real treasure
> > of information!

> The inheritance by Marci was also reported by Brumbaugh
> in the same book (the reference is on my web site, but I cannot look
> up the precise details such as page number or literal quote now, and
> will be away for the rest of the week - maybe remind me next week
> to look it up). There was a note sent from some Prague 'records
> instance' to Voynich making this statement, which Brumbaugh saw.

It would be helpful if Brumbaugh identifies the "records instance"
- it should be in Prague municipal court records but these are
certainly not easy to search. I do not know how the chancellary
was organized there - if there were separate books for registering
wills, it might be easier (but I doubt). 

> This was also one of the things we did not get very far on in
> Prague last February. Next time...

It is certainly worth persuing...

Best regards,