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f85/6: All rosettes picture

	I felt the need for some distraction, and I used
various images I have to create a full picture of the 9
rosettes together.  It was not a trivial undertaking; I
had to use Xerox machines and imaging software that
didn't cooperate well to get everything together.  Even
so, it was definitely worthwhile!  I'm mounting it on
poster board for regular contemplation.  I'll give some
first impressions.  The thing I haven't heard of before
is the three outward connections from outer corners, as
if to another, outer layer of rosettes.  

	I number the rosettes thus:

	Z7	Z8	Z9
	z4	Z5	Z6
	z1	z2	z3

1)  The wealth of detail is overwhelming.  The ring of
Voynich characters somewhere on each rosette; the small
tags throughout; the inward spiral of Voynich
characters at the center of z9; the little
clockface-like figure of Voynich characters at 7
o'clock to z1; two fields of Voynich characters right
next to a field of stars and a hedgerow field in z3;
the textures you can almost feel; the four offshoots
from z1, z3, z7 and z9 that are all different, but all
point  to the center.

2)  The impression throughout is of something organic. 
The "pebbled" surfaces on several of the rosettes and
the connections seems like the surface of raspberries. 
When I was a boy, we played with "hedgeapples", a heavy
and inedible green fruit that had the same pebbled
look.  The thick connections among all outside rosettes
give the impression of snake skin or perhaps cactus
skin, since there is often a "fur" on the very outside.
The short tubes on z5 and the long tubes that comprise
the inward pointer on z7 seem organic, although I'm not
sure why.  Perhaps they're like cut bamboo or cut

3) There is a sun in the upper left-hand corner of the
whole thing.  The sun looks like a medieval, perhaps an
alchemical, drawing.  There are illegible figures below
it and then eight lines of Voynich text.  

4)  Around most of z9, a lot of the snakeskin-like
material extends to the upper right, as though there
were another rosette there.  In fact there is a small
circle within this material.  The circle has a half
circle of Voynich text around it and some pebbled
material on top.  There are two short lines of
upside-down Voynich text below the small circle. 
Perhaps the artist intended to have another layer of
rosettes.  In fact there are outward connecting tissues
like this at all corners except for z1 with the little
"watch face".  The outward connecting tissue from z4
connects to the sun image.  It is very faint, but there
is something large in the outward tissue from z3.  

5)  Notable are the four offshoots from z1, z3, z7 and
z9 that point to the center. The ones from z3 and z9
look like plant shoots with open ends; the one from z9
is longer and more open.  The one from z7 has the long,
bamboo-like tubes and a rainbow shaped layer of the
"snakeskin" below it.  The one from z1 looks likes a
mushroom.  The ones with open ends (z3, z7, and z9)
have a word of Voynich text emitting from the open end,
although this detail is very faint except on z7.   

6)  z2, z4, and z7 have petals in the main rosette
face.  Just outside the petals are oval spaces with
Voynich words in them.  z2 has seven blue petals and
eight Voynich words.  {I'm using the Smythe image of
z1-z6 to get colors where I can.}  z4 has seven yellow
petals and eight Voynich tags.  z8 has thirteen dark
petals of unknown color and ten Voynich tags.  The
material between the petals of z2 and z4 looks like
small stars; the material in z8 is small circles.  

7)  The four connections from z5 out to z2, z4, z7, and
z6 consists of a herringbone pattern in dark ink that
penetrates the outer walls of the rosettes to flow to
the central design inside.  z7 has the small circles
instead of the herringbone.  

8)  The two towers inside z5 are very indistinct.

9) The interior of z6 is very indistinct.  There is
some Voynich text, very faint striations that may be
petals, perhaps very faint pebbled material.

10)  z7, Newbold's "ovum", has an outer band of pebbled
material and an inner concentric band of the same
stuff.  There is no Voynich text inside that I can see;
it is the only rosette of which this is true.

11)  The interior designs of z1, z3, and z9 are more
complex and harder to describe.  They all contain
Voynich text.  z1 has an elliptical center; around it
are Voynich tags and odd bands, some of the "snakeskin"
material.  z3 has two fields of minute Voynich text,
fields of small stars, and other fields of indefinite
material, one perhaps pebbled, one pebbled in straight,
"hedgerow" lines, and one with material somewhat like
the "herringbone".  z9 has the Voynich text spiral at
the center, then a field of small stars, then odd bands
of organic material.  There is a small castle with two
rampart walls lying on its side at 9 o'clock.