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Re: VMS ~folding KEY 101~

Hi Jim,  (smiles)

 No, actually I have a personal list here of any address I could FIND
on the net of those that have :voynich *.*: 10.2000: I tried to join
one at ATT
I think (but THAT list owner was just out for a 5 weeks vacation)
one is in america (i assume), the hottest by HITS pages was in UK or 
Europe somewhere, *.DE, and one in Japan? : and " a Pene? Pele? Rene?
(something) which I
first thought was a female name?- mentioned his wife too, BUT HE said
"go away - TAKE ME OFF this list (mine) ... I hence stopped LOOKING as
I had to create my pages by hand (html) and mail myself to bounce.. I
don't have a scanner for PICS (jpg's) so use MS paint... then send to
another address (forwarded) to me - to insert in my page (soon
defunct? ISP address). 

Hope that makes sense - but your question is a Right (logically)
correct one...  

I should have delimited that to: IS the USA (ATT) or Europe
www.voynich.com / .de? .jp?
or OTHER(s) out there "_THE_" "VOYNICH.LIST" 

and WHAT is ITs (THAT) address? 

If it is _only_ "ATT" I assume I WILL be on it in about 2-3 weeks from
now, IS (are) there another list(s) you know of?
Thanks for your reply & help
steve (HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg there to all) ekwall

p.s. ~Oddly~ there are only about -20+- people on MY LIST here.  
(one is my sister, (and SHE doesn't Count - ha.haaa))
DO you know (rough) grand total out there? of/on the Voynich.LIST? 

thx again.

p.s.s - I see YOU are also "research.ATT.com" ADD ME ~Please~??  thx

 Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 09:43:35 -0500
 From: Jim Reeds <reeds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 To: Steve Ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>
 Cc: reeds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMS ~folding KEY 101~
 I'm a little puzzled by your comment
 > p.s. someone mentioned a "voynich.list"  Is there such a group now?
 > could you send me that ISP address?... 
 as you seem to have sent your email via the Voynich list. 

COOL, I seem to be _ON_ then - thanks 
I've EXPOSED the 'CC' header to THIS e.mail to hopeful explain how you
might have recieved it (hopefully not in error), as compared to
another existing LIST out there.  I will try to NOT EXPOSE the 'CC'
area in the future, as I know it ~wastes Band-width~  (sorry all)

 join you should send a request to Jim Gillogly, jim@xxxxxxx,
 asking to be added.  Then you get copies of all email
 sent to the VMS list, voynich@xxxxxxxx .

 WoW : hummmm, so, "acm.org" = "ATT" = "rand.org" = VOYNICH_LIST! 
OK - I CAN handle this... (i hope (ha.haaa) I will resend another in
3-4 weeks if "rand.org?" doesn't appear in the e.mail box etc..
AND I ASSUMED the FOLDING KEY WAS _EASY_ (ha.haaa) just Kidding.. 
Thanks for your reply...

 Jim Reeds, AT&T Labs - Research
 Shannon Laboratory, Room C229, Building 103
 180 Park Avenue, Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971, USA
 reeds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, phone: +1 973 360 8414, fax: +1 973 360 8178
Finally, I think I'm making a business move forced by Dec 31st.. that
will not bode well for winter DECODING by myself... (I think my page
is DONE anyway (per ES) I won't be able to READ it anyway (sigh))<br>
IF I get a chance, I will take one page at a time and put it up in
MIRROR Image, (After the ES FOLDing etc..) and maybe ONE of the group
can reconize ITS language strokes of the pen in REVERSE on one of 
these ..

best to you & yours<br>
steve (the TOUCHED ONE (ha.haaa)) ekwall
but hey (on the lighter side - just 1/12th) ha.haaa<p>

take care ALL