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Re: Three questions about John Dee

According to "John Dee's Conversations with Angels"
by D. E. Harkness, Cambridge U. Press,  1999, p/217:

"Even the date of his death is now unclear.  While scholars
have traditionally dated it as December 1608, Julian Roberts
and Andrew Watson have supplied persuasive marginalia to
support a later date of 26 March 1609".

She cites Roberts and Watson, p.60, which I have not seen.

On Nov 27, 20:44, Rene Zandbergen asked:

> 1) On which day in December 1608 did John Dee die?
> 2) Do we know that we don't know the answer to question 1?
> 3) Do you know anyone else (i.e. not on this list) who knows the answer
>      to question 1 or 2?

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