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Re: Terence McKenna has passed on: 4/6/2000

Dan Moonhawk Alford  wrote:

> As a linguist nee English major, I must admit
> a sense of awe, envy, and even peevishness and low
> self-esteem at his incessant use of words I'd
> probably never used and only vaguely knew as central
> points of his talk -- e.g. 'autochthonous,' which I
> find more often now yet still instead use
> 'indigenous' for wider understanding by my audience.

This was obviously not the main point of the note I'm
replying to, but it seems worth noting that 
'autochtoon' is the Dutch word for indigenous.
The non-greek word used for the corresponding
noun is 'inboorling' (German: Eingeborene) which
has a very different flavour. It is only ever used 
in the scenario of an adventurer discovering a tribe
of hitherto unkonwn and probably underdevelloped 
people (in the eyes of the adventurer) in their
own country.
As it was done in the great age of discovery.

The modern opposite to autochtoon is allochtoon
(best equivalent being 'immigrant'). I'm not too
sure about the German here. Dutch 'uitboorling'
does not exist and seems like a useful word in any
stand-up comedian's sketch.

To bring some Voynich content into this mail:
I am interested in hearing more about the colour
copy/ies Terence McKenna apparently had. I never
thought any existed, aside of individual shots
ordered by people on a personal request basis.

Kind regards, Rene

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