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real problem

Hi Jim
I know what I told you but for now I am backing off...I want to be absolutely sure before I really go off the deep end here.
I have translated 20 lines of this manuscript and have come to the insurmountable conclusion that this thing has already been translated and then it was suppressed. This may explain why I hear it is so hard to get good copies of this thing.
It so far seems to be some kind of work concerning the ancient mysteries. I know the core of the mysteries and maybe this is why i see what i do here.
I can not believe that so many educated people and computers have not been able to figure this out. I can understand how the vulgar miss it, but there are too many secret societies with members in the strangest places that know at least what i know.
Im CC'ing this message to the group because they said things were too quiet. I invite you all to look at yale pic # Z3610590 and tell me what you see.
Translation is that easy where I am in the MS....too easy at least for now.
I'm telling you..this thing was translated and suppressed.