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Voynich administrivia [Re: âÊä·ìIÇ»êVÉVÉXÉeÉÄÇTìoèÍǵÇÐÇ ]

Claus Anders wrote:
> I haven't translated all of this, but it's definitely SPAM . It describes a

The old mailing list system we use doesn't support any kind of spam
suppression -- no filters for domain/sender/subject, no blocking of
non-member postings, and so on.

The last time we got a small spate of spam on the list, several years ago,
the consensus was that it was acceptable, and we decided not to move the
list to a new site then.  Moving it to majordomo at Rand.org is not an
option -- I changed jobs nearly five years ago, and they've allowed us to
continue to use the resources on sufferance.

If anyone has strong feelings on whether the current level of spam is
acceptable or not, please mail me directly (jim@xxxxxxx) rather than
discussing it on the list.  If there's a significant response I'll
summarize to the list.  Options include (at least) staying with the 
current system until it gets worse or Rand cuts us off; asking the
volunteers from the last round to renew their offers; and moving to
a commercial or free mailing list service.

	Jim Gillogly
	Highday, 1 Yule S.R. 2000, 21:40, 13 Men 18 Mac, Seventh Lord of Night