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Clothing and hairstyles

Has anyone been back to Yale's gallery recently?  They've cleaned up
some of their black and white shots and if you zoom in you can see some
new items... check out this page for example

Take a look at the object behind the 2nd nymph top left -- it seems to
have a solid center piece like a spinning top.

The 4th nymph's 'crown' is now visible and looks something like four
diamonds in the center.

The 7th nymph's shawl is easily recognizable now also, and the 9th
nymphs hairpiece seems unique too... and her arms are certainly crossed
behind her back.

In the center group, check out the see-through skirt of the kneeling
nymph (on the left side of the page) and once again the object in her
hand seems to have a solid center instead of being a ring. On the right
side of the page the 'hat' should provide some clues to style that
weren't so clear before (not that I can tell exactly what this will tell