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Re: Christian symbols

Hello Rene,
     Happy Holidays to all. This is quite interesting to correlate the
cross on top of the Libra queen's crown to the star Regulus. So far I
have found meaning and purpose to everything that I can interpret in the
Voynich manuscript; however, I haven't yet spent much time analyzing in
detail the crowns, hair styles, gowns, held objects, and body language
of the ladies. Associating a cross with a star is interesting. One thing
that I have learned is that I have yet to find any errors in the
manuscript, except for one that the author of the manuscript corrected,
which indicates that the author was being very careful and the contents
have real meaning. Therefore, the 'cross' on the crown has real
significance. This cross does look like a cross with the naked eye;
however, we need to be careful, because when examined under a magnifying
glass, it could also be interpreted as a T shaped cross instead of a +
shaped cross which could change its meaning completly (quite a bit of
this manuscript is very difficult to read and interpret). In addition,
the cross is placed over two arches within the crown. This is
significant and needs to be understood. There is also a concern that the
Regulus star may be more closely associated with Leo than Libra, so I
would want to know what the connection is with Libra. Astrology does
have meaning in the Voynich manuscript, though probably only as much was
borrowed from Astrology as was needed. I would be interested in hearing
more about the Regulus star. Thank you.

Dana Scott

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> I hope you all had a Merry Christmas,
> and wish you all a good start to the new
> millennium.
> Quite a few good E-mails there. This one I cannot
> resist responding to immediately.
> --- John Grove wrote:
> > Well apart from the clear 'cross' on f79r there is
> > another very clear
> > cross on the top of Libra's queen's crown!
> I am pretty sure, and think that I can make a good
> case, that this cross represents the star Regulus.
> This is part of my 'the zodiac pages make sense'
> theory, where I still cannot decide whether this
> section represent a real and accurate list of
> astronomical 'phenomena' or merely a realistic
> looking one concocted by someone who had both
> astronomical knowledge and a bit of a mental
> twist.
> Cheers, Rene
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