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Re: Christian symbols

Thank you for your comments concerning Regulus. I am pleased to see that
you have a focused interest on the Astrological content within the
Voynich manuscript. It is a very important aspect in the overall

I agree with you and Jorge Stolfi that my interpretation of the text in
the manuscript needs to be substantiated with supporting evidence. This
will probably prove to be a complex and involved effort concerning the
text. After reading Jorge's suggestions and recommendations, I decided
to take a different approach to analyzing the manuscript, a sort of back
door approach. Over the past couple of month's I have looked at hundreds
of web sites and books for the evidence that is required. In some cases,
I can provide very convincing evidence. In other cases, a best guess
approach seems reasonable. I have decided to go after the 'easy' stuff
first, and have skirted right past most of the text portion of the
manuscript for the time being. With enough evidence, perhaps we can come
to a reasonable agreement on who might have written the Voynich
manuscript. I would say that at this point with what I have seen, I am
more than 90% certain that I know who wrote the manuscript and where and
when it was written, but first I need to lay the groundwork and show you
the proof that you demand and allow you to scrutinze what I have to

Dana Scott

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> Dana F. Scott wrote:
> > This is quite interesting to correlate the
> > cross on top of the Libra queen's crown to the star
> > Regulus.
> [...]
> > This cross does look like a cross with
> > the naked eye;
> [...]
> > In addition, the cross is placed over two arches
> > within the crown. This is significant and needs to
> > be understood. There is also a concern that the
> > Regulus star may be more closely associated with
> > Leo than Libra, so I would want to know what the
> > connection is with Libra.
> Correct.
> I propose that the crown refers to Regulus, since
> Regulus means 'little king'. The two other crowned
> nymphs are in Leo and in Cancer. These are roughly
> in the right area of the zodiac. (I lack a detailed
> explanation why they are where they are).
> The two arches with the star on top in my opinion
> indicate the culmination of the star Regulus.
> This is the point where it is highest above the
> horizon, due south. The arches indicate the path
> of the star. Culmination occurs in Libra, i.e.
> when one particular degree of Libra rises. Which
> degree exactly depends on the century and on the
> geographic latitude of the observer.
> There is quite a bit more in the zodiac illustrations
> that makes sense, but I am aware of the Rorschach
> effect so I do realise that some of it is perhaps
> only imaginary. I still need to figure out what.
> Dana, I have to apologise for not having responded
> in detail to your proposed decryption of the MS.
> I must say that I share Jorge Stolfi's view, in
> the sense that you haven't provided us with anything
> concrete. (Which is in a sense what he meant with
> 'not falsifiable')
> Please do have a look at the criteria for an
> acceptable solution on Gabriel Landini's web page.
> While these may not be perfect, it should give you
> an idea of what you would have to do to convince
> others of the correctness of your solution.
> Kind regards, Rene
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