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Re: "Tell Them They Lie"

I'm not about to get in an argument with either Cherokee or Mormon true 
believers about any of this -

The Cree syllabary is an Evans syllabary - this syllabary was invented by a 
mid 19th century missionary and has been used to write languages in the 
Algonkian, Athapaskan, and Inuit families, and is still in use.

No trace exists of the "reformed Egyptian" writing Joseph Smith read on the 
gold plates from Palmyra NY. Mormons in Utah briefly used an unrelated 
special alphabet which is well documented.

Probably the most extraordinary development of a writing system by an 
illiterate person is the Hmong syllabary invented by Shong Lue Yang about 
thirty years ago, and documented in Mother of Writing: The Origin and 
Development of a Hmong Messianic Script by William A. Smalley, Chia Koua 
Vang, and Gnia Yee Yang (U of Chicago Press 1990), a book everybody on this 
list would enjoy reading. Shong Lue Yang invented a syllabary which fully 
represents the complex initial consonants (or initial clusters) as well as 
the eight tones of this most difficult language. William Smalley was one of 
the missionary linguists who about fifty years ago developed the standard 
Romanization of Hmong (which had almost no history as a written language 
before then) which has become the standard Romanization of the language - and 
he believes that the Pahawh Hmong (Phajhauj Hmoob) is a better representation 
of the language than his own Romanization.

>>Come the millennium, month 12, In the home of greatest power,
the village idiot will come forth to be acclaimed the leader.<<
According to what looks like an authoritative Nostradamus site
this widely circulating "quotation" is a fabrication.

Bob Richmond
Knoxville TN USA