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Re: "Tell Them They Lie"

Karl Kluge wrote:
> Someone (Dan?) was asking for samples of the script alledgedly found on
> the gold plates which were translated to produce the Book of Mormon.
> While there is some reason to think that the original of the so-called
> "Anthon transcript" (a sample supposedly copied from the plates and taken
> by Martin Harris to Prof. Anthon to get his opinion) was lost, there are
> a couple items which appear to be copies. An image of one can be seen at
>    http://users.accesswest.com/ivory/characters.html

I don't know about anyone else, but these look almost comically phony to
me. They don't resemble at all a useful script. The characters all appear
too busy. The 9-vertical strokes with underscore and the four exclamation
points with curlicue seem particularly laughable.


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