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Re: "Tell Them They Lie"

    > Some Black Americans have written that the Pharaohs of
    > Egypt were actually black.  I can't accept that.
Well, they weren't "white" either, not in any useful sense of the
word. If their own art is to be trusted, the common folk's skin seems
to have been a deep brick-brown.  But that seems to be a very sensitive

To stay (barely) in the subject: I read today in the newspaper that
the Vatican recently canceled their IBM-run Library digitization
project --- which they had started a couple of years earlier --- due to
some financial-administrative imbroglio, that happened to cost them
quite a bit of money.  That's mildly bad news, given the small but
positive chance that some VMS-related material (for instance, Baresch's
first letter to Kircher) may have found its way there.

All the best,