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Re: Voynich Manuscript

Dear Luke and Robert, ( http://www.new-library.com/zoller/index.shtml )

    I wish to thank you for your offer to assist with certain questions
concerning Astrology in the Voynich manuscript. I am pleased to learn
that you are already familiar with the VMS document. Members on the
voynich@xxxxxxxx mailing list may indeed have questions of interest for
you. Your expertise and assistance is very much appreciated. While
reference to Astrology in the VMS is self-evident, there may be certain
symbols borrowed from Astrology by the author of the manuscript and
applied for special purposes. I have been struggling to interpret a few
special symbols, or at least get an idea of their possible relation to
Astrology. They are found on a folio that perhaps is not strictly
Astrological. (folio 54v at Beinecke):


There is a symbol here that looks very much like the Quincunx Aspect,
though at times there appears to be an extended 'neck' up to the
crossbar. There is an upside-down capital 'V', which may be a reference
to light or the earth (like a mountain). The closest Astrological symbol
might be the Trine Aspect, though it is an incomplete triangle. Quite a
bit of the VMS text looks to me like borrowed pieces of Astrological
symbols. Now, I am wondering what a symbol (may be a compound symbol)
that looks something like |_/\ with a plume above the underline
cross-bar might be a reference to? The |_ looks like a Semi-square. And
finally, there is this combination --\_' (sort of). The -- is actually a
single high-bar and the ' is actually a dot. Do these appear to be
related to Astrology? There are numerous other questions, but I think
that will be good enough to begin with. Once again, I greatly appreciate
your assistance.

Dana Scott

contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear Dana,Thanks for your email. We are quite familiar with the
> Voynich Manuscript and would be happy to assist you if we can. Robert
> Zoller is probably the best person to do this as he is both a Latinist
> and a Medieval scholar - as well as being the leading proponet of
> Medieval Astrology. He should like to work with you but is away on a
> lecture tour until mid-February 2001 and would not be able to devote
> much time to your project until then.In the meantime it would be
> helpful if you could expand on the nature of your specific
> investigation into the Manuscript perhaps giving an indication of
> where you are based and who, if others are involved you are in
> collaboration with. Also, if there are specific queries eg on
> astrological or pseudo-astrological symbolism that you already have
> could you please send them to me that I may forward them to Robert or
> if you wish to others whom we feel may be of the greater assistance to
> you.Best Wishes Luke AndrewsNew Library London       Below is the
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> () on Tuesday, January 9, 2001 at 08:07:37
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> sender: contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> firstname: Dana
> lastname: Scott
> about: Voynich Manuscript
> enquiry: There is a mysterious manuscript that can be accessed on the
> Internet
> that contains undeciphered text and a mixture of drawings, some of
> which appear
> to be Astrological. There are a few symbols in the text that seem to
> be related
> to Astrology, but I am have a hard time interpreting a possible
> meaning. There
> seem to be references to Aspect symbols. I am wandering if you might
> be willing
> to answer a few questions concerning a couple of the symbols that are
> used? You
> may find a good reference to the Voynich manuscript at voynich.nu on
> the Web.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Dana Scott
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