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Re: astrological iconography

	Here's something which could possibly be relevant.  

Project Hindsight

"The main focus of Project Hindsight has been the 
restoration of the astrology of the Hellenistic
period (300 B.C.E. to about 600 C.E.). This is the 
astrology that developed in Egypt and the
surrounding Mediterranean area after the Alexandrian 
conquest and through the Roman
period. It is the primary source for all 
later Western astrology."

	They sell fresh translations of the astrological
works of antiquity.  Of course, this is still not


Robert Firth wrote:
> PS: While I know a fair bit about astrology, I most
> assuredly do not know what astrology was like in
> the 14 or 15 century or how much it differed from
> today's.  We need here not an astrologer, but an
> expert in the history of European astrology, if
> we can find one.