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Re: My New Voynich and Hamptonese Pages

Dennis wrote:

>         My Voynich page is now at
> http://www.geocities.com/ctesibos/voynich/index.html

Ah, that explains :-)
Your link to the Beinecke B/W images search engine is the
only one I remember and this has two clear images of
the michiton page where it appears that it really is
'mchiton' or, as Frogguy once said 'anchiton'

>         My Voynich page did not change much, but I did add a
> section called
> Just for Fun
> - Elizabeth Bathory
> - Etruscan Origin
> - Communist Plot
> - April Fool's Day, 1997
> - Extraterrestrial Origin
>         I'm not sure this a good idea.  Any thoughts?

By all means leave the 'Communist Plot' in, but perhaps add
a clear comment at the top that this was not meant 

Cheers, Rene