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Re: site

bigjim wrote:
> I know no one believes that this manuscript is an end times document and
> it was written in a visually encrypted form of Hebrew. At least as far
> as I have gone with it. I decided to skip ahead to F68 to the 3 picture
> foldout. I identified the first pic and had a scientist look at it too
> for an expert opinion. Quite frankly if  you had a hard time with what I
> said the first time...this is going to fry you.
> http://www.gloryroad.net/~bigjim/Voynich.htm

It would be useful if your line-by-line translation also showed the
associated VMs characters and the hebrew words you are deriving from them,
along with their correspondance with your English version.

Incidentally, the map of the Milky Way you show is a speculative diagram
drawn for "The Star Trek Encyclopedia" by Michael Okuda of the Paramount
Pictures Art Department (note the yellow outline of Federation Space in the
lower part of the image). A more accurate depiction of the _known_ features
of the Milky Way (from 21-cm radiation) is shown at:


You might prefer to use the latter, not only for accuracy but since the
Paramount image in copyrighted.


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