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Re: Sukhotin's algorithm etc

On 19 Jan 2001, at 8:25, Mark Perakh wrote:

> I would like to clarify what your
> table says. You list the following symbols as representing vowels in
> VMS in Currier's rendition: o,y,a,e,g,u.  Shall I understand that the
> listed symbols are the letters of Currier's alphabet?  

Please disregard the email table since the font was lost in the 
making of my message. Some are eva and some not. Instead look 
directly into this file:




should be the evmt home page. The file for the DOS executable is 
vfq.zip and there is a link to it in the "links" section.

> Except for g they are also English vowels, which seems to be an odd
> coincidence whose probability must be rather small.

Well, as far as I remember, Rene chose the eva characters 
according to the similarity to the roman alphabet (what they look 
like) and so when forming words, it would be easy to remember as 
it creates something arbitrarily pronouceable which in turn is easier 
to transcribe than the other alphabets. Rene, please correct me if