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Voynich Ms. media alert

I'm told by someone in Texas that on the History Channel tonight
she saw me blithering about the Voynich Ms. on the program "The
Most".  I haven't seen that episode, so I don't know if the editing
left me saying anything worthwhile -- I know I said a few fatuous
or starkly incorrect things and caught myself, saying not to use
that bit, but who knows what an editor will do.  They shot footage
for about three hours, and I think they will have used under five
minutes: The Most is a group of 5 or 10 loosely related features
in an hour.

It runs on cable at 8PM in Los Angeles  -- I suspect the East Coast
is done.
	Jim Gillogly
	29 Afteryule S.R. 2001, 01:48, 3 Kan 7 Muan, Ninth Lord of Night