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Re: Sukhotin's Algorithm

Scott Hersey wrote:

> As I understand, "ctvrthodina"--properly spelled with a hook over the c--is stressed
> on the first syllable, as is virtually every other Czech word in the standard language.
> The first vowel here is "r",

This was my guess.

>  The orthography's a little inconsistent here: the c is pronounced in this context
> like "sh" in "shot",

"ch" as in "chip" (?)
> so the word is roughly pronounced "shtvRthodina."

With a little twist: chtvRt-ho-dyee-na

To get back to the original subject, 'r' and 'l' can figure
both as vowels and consonants in Czech. This would throw
Sukhotin's algorithm off a bit, but probably not much, since
they are far more frequently consonants. Czech has in fact
quite a few more consonants than, say, English, but I don't
know how it was written in the 15th C. Mnishowski (17th C)
does in fact use at least one odd symbol: a gamma-like
symbol which appears only at the beginning and end of the
word, and represents 's'.

Cheers, Rene