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Re: looking for Baresch

I have no proper dictionary at hand. What I can say though is that both in
Russian and Ukrainian Ovochi (Ukr) and Ovoshchi (Rus) mean vegetables.  Fruits
are Frukty in both. Old Slavonic had no word Frukty, but had Ovoche meaning
both fruits and vegetables, sometimes specified, for example adding "Zeleni,"
meaning green, to Ovoche if vegetables were meant or "krasne"  (in this
context meaning not red but pretty) to distinguish fruits from vegetables.

"Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:

> Mark Perakh wrote:
> >
> > Just a nit-picking comment to interesting information. I would translate
> > Ovocni trh as Vegetable market rather than Fruit market. Cheers, Mark
> My "knowledge" of Czech only relies on its similarity to Polish
> - but on checking the dictionary my translation seems to be confirmed.
> "Ovocni" is fruit ("owocowy" in Polish), while "zelinarsky" or
> "zeleninowy" ("warzywny" in Polish) would be vegetable (unless you mean
> non-literary translation and that there is no such thing as
> "Fruit market" in English?).
> Best regards,
> Rafal