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Voynich Mss on alt.alien.visitors

From: Jack Sarfatti <sarfatti@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Voynich MS
Newsgroups: sci.physics,sci.skeptic,alt.alien.visitors
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:05:39 -0800

Thanks Hank.

re: http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/voynich.html

Also "Kelvin" wrote:

"An overview of the Voynich manuscript as a cryptological
puzzle is presented in David Kahn's "The Codebreakers (2nd ed.)"
ISBN 0-684-83130-9, p. 863.

The November 2000 issue of "Sky & Telescope", p. 40, contained
an article on the Voynich Manuscript presenting its curious
symbology for the zodiac, inviting readers to find parallels
in the constellations of other cultures.

See also:




to which I add. Curious synchronicity in that some of the Voynich images are
like Quebedeau's cartoons in his symbol for "hole worms" (Star Gates).


opening shot, also many static ones not yet online from a year ago.

Arkivz10@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Originally it was written by the elusive Fulcanelli and hand ciphered by
> Tesla to predict the exact date of power outages due to over population in
> North America (amongst many other things). See page 165 of the Voynich book.
> A friend of mine, Tom Constantin, famed Pianist ex of Grateful Dead. Only
> surviving Grateful Dead Keyboardist who also survived the Military, and
> Scientology, worked at Nellis AFB, used Nellis computers ( IBM 360 in COBOL
> and FORTRAN) so they could not have been very complex) to frost a layer of
> cypher. TC had his first symphony performed when he was sixteen and worked
> with Charles Reich and Phil Lesh ever since. So there is undoubtedly also a
> lot of music in it, but as TC worked on the book he also found many sub
> chapters derived from or directly from Jacobus Obrecht, 15th century Dutch
> alchemist musician who ciphered music of the spheres into atonal and
> polytonal structures. Comparisons between Obrecht and  Voynich are
> astonishingly similar.
>     Schwartz's hypothesis about church linguistics is partially correct in
> that the numerical analysis of the alchemical stuff included originally by
> Fulcanelli, pertains to the books of Amos, Malachi, Ezekial, Geneis and is
> coded to index all mentions of Zadok, Melchizedek etc in both Croatian and
> Gnostic gospels. The apocrypha of the Nag Hammadi library is derived from
> Coptic and in that way connects to Serbo-Croatian orthodox Cabbala.
>     The book of Voynich correlates also with the Saragossa manuscript
> (Posthumous Garcia Movie remake recently) and the current location of the
> still extant and surviving Dead Sea Scrolls and what was salvaged from the
> Alexandrian Library after the fire. This stuff is all in Spain in the
> Pyrenees, exactly where Schwartz was looking about ten years ago. It gets
> deeper but nuf for now.
> Hank Harrison

Keep going. Remember Robert Bashlow died in Saragossa, Spain after leaving his
Orphic Lute at the apartment Gary Zukav and I were living in at 372 Green
Street. Bashlow performed Scarlatti and Bach at Francis Ford Coppola's house
then at 2805 Broadway. It may have been the same night that I had Uri Geller
and Jacques Vallee come to meet Coppola and his gang that led to Vallee's
participation in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Saul-Paul may remember
more. Also perhaps Fred Alan Wolf who also may have been there? Of course, the
film "Saragossa MS", "La Jetee" and Cocteau's "Orphee" had major impacts on my
psyche back then in mid-70s. No doubt Saul-Paul has some relevant details?
This was before I knew of Carlo Suares's connection to the story in "Holy
Blood, Holy Grail" via an essay by Henry Miller on "French Alchemy". It was
also before David Padwa told me of the Margherita Sarfatti/Rashi de Troyes
connection. That was in 1980 first time I also met Marcello Truzzi at the
famous AAAS meeting with Wheeler bashing parapsychology.

"They deliver the edicts of God
without delay And are exempt from apprehension
from detention
And with their God-given
Petasus, Caduceus, and Talaria
ferry like bolts of lighning
unhindered between the tribunals
of Space and Time

The Messenger-Spirit
in human flesh
is assigned a dependable,
self-reliant, versatile,
thoroughly poet existence
upon its sojourn in life

It does not knock
or ring the bell
or telephone
When the Messenger-Spirit
comes to your door
though locked
It'll enter like an electric midwife
and deliver the message

There is no tell
throughout the ages
that a Messenger-Spirit
ever stumbled into darkness"

Gregory Corso's "Destiny" in
"Herald of the Autochtonic Spirit" (1981)

Now I think this was the poem that Gregory, at the San Francisco Art Institute,
said was the result of our numerous discussions on "The Force of Destiny",
"Space-Time and Beyond", faster-than-light backward-in-time communications that
we had on-going. But perhaps it was another similar poem? I am sure that event
was taped.

Note the lines

"When the Messenger-Spirit
comes to your door
though locked"

Compare to M Kaku's "Hyperspace" pictures on Abbott's "Flatland".


"They deliver the edicts of God
without delay  ...

unhindered between the tribunals
of Space and Time"

Which is the main message in "Space-Time and Beyond" (Dutton, 1975).

Gregory kept comparing my thought to that of William Burroughs.

See also http://qedcorp.com/pcr/pcr/goldrev.html