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Re: OT: Syllabic Stress in English

	Thanks for reminding me of this!  I read a long time
ago that English has compound nouns, shown to be such
by the stress pattern, but not written as such, as it
would be in German.


"R. Brzustowicz" wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Dan Moonhawk Alford wrote:
> > Good summary, Dennis. One missed is Noun-Noun compounds, such as "políce
> > dog" vs. an Adjective-Noun such as "iron gate." Note the low stress on "dog"
> > vs. the high stress on "gate." This is a particularly interesting
> > suprasegmental contrast because it's so unconscious with English speakers
> > and hard to bring up to consciousness.
> >
> > warm regards, moonhawk
> And in fact if "Iron Gate" were the name of a scandal (cf
> Watergate> File Gate, Nanny Gate, etc) the pronunciation would shift
> to the former model.
> I have the impression that there are dialects of American English in
> which this distinction is not conserved, or handled differently -- I
> seem to remember people from New York City doing so, but I can't
> think of any examples off-hand.
> Richard B