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Templar question

I am looking for book suggestions on Templars.  EVery few years I go
through a Templar phase.  What I am looking for is a book that's not
written by lunatics but still addresses the ideas of Templar survival
and lost treasures and stuff (as well as the recorded history of
course).  I want it fairly scholarly but I still want to walk away from
it with bright eyes fascinated by the possibilities of secret orders and
huge treasures.  I guess what I want is something scholarly that still
has appeal to the 12 year old inside me that first came across the wild
stories of the Templars.


I am not saying that the VMS is related to the Templars, or that members
of this list are surviving Templars working to confuse the translation
to hide their secrets.  There is no need to have me silenced.

Pax Vobiscum