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Re: VMS rotoscopes at the British Library...?

Hi Dana,

   For black and white copies, I would say that the quality is very good.
Some of the very fine detail is missing when compared to the copies provided
online at Beinecke; however, for the most part where not faded away the text
is legible (it also helps to have a magnifying glass).

Thanks - that sounds amply good enough for my purposes. :-)

There has been an
ongoing effort to have a professional color quality reproduction made of the
original at Beinecke. There is real concern that with continued handling and
the natural processes of aging that the color and text of the manuscript is
fading and will lost forever. At this point we rely on whatever sources of
input we can obtain. Best of luck in your efforts to unravel this most
mysterious of enigmas.

I believe that the VMS are encoded, and that certain aspects of that code are hidden in clear sight - so we should always bear in mind the physical evidence, not merely the transcriptions etc.

Do you happen to know if this reproduction is planned to emulate the materials and draughtsmanship of the original, or purely the informational and design content?

Thanks again, .....Nick Pelling.....