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Hyperlinked Archives

A while ago somebody mentioned that there used to be a hyperlinked version of
some of the archives. I would be interested to know more about it. For example,
did the links just connect messages and responses, or was there some kind of
subject-matter based linking?

More generally, if there _were_ some kind of enhanced archive, what do you think
it should be like? For example, I would like to see at least the ability to
search on keywords such as:
    names of languages (for the "VMS = Nahuatl" theory)
    theories which are frequently referred to (e.g. "dain daiin")
    historical figures (John Dee)
    perennial themes ("gallows characters", "spaces are not word separators",

Some organized way to get to all the statistical observations that people have
made over the years would also be interesting.

What do you think?

Bruce Grant