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Re: Benchmark transcription file

Hi Jorge & all :-)

Jorge, you wrote:               -=se=->I WRITE<-=se=-

<snip most really good stuff, but...>      
........ This goal is too naive. Since the text is handwritten, and the
 alphabet is unknown, the correct reading of each character cannot be
 determined with certainty at the present time. Moreover, transcription
 is very hard work, and even the most careful person will make a few
 errors every 1000 characters or so...... <end snip>
I found while being able to WRITE this "script" ( though NOT able to
READ it, ( I fax'd two to Nick Pelling (hardcopy)) like "The Quick
Brown fox
jumped over the lazy dog", _AND_ "A way to show how the voynich
manuscript can be "fold" code - written out might look like this
(mirror non vowels)".  These being "ENGLISH" they may have been poor
EXAMPLES, but the "few errors" per thousand, was then just ES redo of
previous character --- in the above ALL English case, the word FOX was
RE.done (BOTH FIT!!) .... Thus NO "erasers", BUT, REDO and

Hope that helps someone
Good / Best to to you and yours
steve (just a note / off the side-lines (sorry)) ekwall

p.s. I make mistakes about @ every 20-50 characters or sooo :-)

BUT with INKs one might say?  "I MEANT there? - FORGET that? - or
CHANGE that to >>" ? etc.. "vellum erasers" weren't around BACK 
then!? (hydrogen peroxide (eraser) for blood? BUT this vms ~seems~
carbon based INK etc... (plus color pigment(s))??)

ciao (back to the side - lines (sigh))

~shhhhhhHHhhhh (SHUT UP steve (ha.haaa)) ok Ok OK ! :-)