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edges of knowledge

Hi Nick,
today I got the idea (maybe I'm not the 1st one to this), to draw a flow
chart for the transitions of the VMS. I.e. I start from real and/or known
objects called sources (books like herbals, astro-logical/-nomical books or
samples like dried or living plans), thoughts or ideas. From these sources
there was a compililation which resulted in the original VMS text.This
compilation was translated into a unknown language (Voynichese) using a
dictionary or sort of. The result of the translating was then encoded using
unknown keys and unknown algorithm. The transcoded text was transcripted
mixed with  drawings from above sources. This mixing resulted in (as I
believe) a pre VMS, which was later copied giving our VMS.
I think this project was not done but one person alone. I think that the
transcription process was quite arbitraly so maybe the differnet "languages"
as observed by Currier were created.
So I like to draw this flow chart which can easily show the "edges of
knowledge", but I have at times noe webspace to present this diagram. I you
like, I can send you my drawing (in any format you like (gif/jpeg...).

PS: comments are welcome