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Re: VMS -- Encryption Keys

On Aug 27, 15:06, Steve Ekwall wrote:

> (deep - breath (sigh)) Ok ok.. "stupid Question steve STUPID", but,
> WHAT is "v" ?voynich?
> WWHAT is "f" ?Folio?
> WWWHAT is "r" ?Reverse page or sleeve reverse? (folded page?) 
> finally -sorry to bother you with my stupidity - but, "WHAT is the
> ADRRESS you are getting ALL of this from?", IF _NOT_ ?YALE.EDU?

Not all images are on the web.  You can buy a microfilm or a
print from the microfilm from Yale, at about $40 a pop.
You can look at the list of printed VMS images that I
compiled a while back

list of 
> Thanks for ANY HELP,
> Best to you and yours
>-- End of excerpt from Steve Ekwall

It is customary to refer to manuscript pages with a notation
like 'folio 8 recto' meaning front side of leaf 8, and so on,
abbreviated 'f8r'.  (In Latin, folio means leaf, recto means
front, verso means back.)  The modern system of page numbering
for printed books seems to date from the late 1500s or the

Many if not all medieval and early modern manuscripts are
'foliated', that is, someone or other over the centuries has gone
to the trouble of numbering the leaves. Sometimes (as in the case
of the VMS) this was done by an old owner, and sometimes it was
done in modern times by (say) a librarian. I think the numbers were
on the whole not put on by copyists, but rather by owners who would
want to number the leaves only after they had been bound. In the
latter case the folio numbers are done in pencil, but in the former
they might well be in ink. Sometimes the numbering is wrong, or
several numbering systems were applied. If, for example, several
manuscripts were rebound together into one, the resulting ms might
have a complicated foliation. The foliation marks are almost always
on the upper right corners of the recto sides.

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