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Arabic transliteration...?

Hi everyone,

I've just returned from Edirne, in Turkey, where I happened to visit a 600-year-old hospital complex, recently reopened as a museum of Islamic medicine. One room had pictures of some Arabic herbals, looking very much like the VMS (only better organised)!

Which brings me to my question: does anyone know of any ***medieval transliterations*** of Arabic?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: the same room had a page marked [in Turkish] as being from [a medieval copy of?] Dioscorides' "De Materia Medica". It was in an upright Greek hand, similar to the VMS but more elaborate. Interestingly, the foliation (in the top right corner) appeared superficially similar to the VMS... when I get my photo developed, I'll scan it in and post a link here. :-/