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Re: Byzantine nymphs...?

Believe me, the Voynich Rockettes aren't just posing to look pretty. :)

Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Dana wrote:-
> >    I suspect that the body language in the VMS is specific to the subject at
> >hand, an invention of the author's to further expand his mysterious, cryptic
> >text, revealed only to the adept. Crowns, hair length/style, arm, hand, leg
> >positions, held objects, where they are standing, sitting, reclining, the
> >directions in which the ladies are facing, as well as the number of damsels in
> >each group all appear to be significant.
> The original Byzantine nymphs also appear to have "facingness" as an
> attribute (though I still haven't seen the full image): and what could be
> more suggestive of word lengths than variable numbers of nymphs?
> The similarities between the two - despite the extreme 500-year difference
> in dating - make it all twice as tantalising. :-/
> *sigh* - Looks like I'll have to buy that Monastic Sign Language book after
> all...
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
> PS: I chanced upon an abstract of a Japanese paper comparing the grammar of
> Monastic Sign Language with that of Sawmill Sign Language... extremes of
> noise and silence both requiring signing! :-)