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AAH: Where is Cancer?

Nick Pelling's reintroduction (and significant expansion!) of the AAH still has not 
ceased to provide food for thoughts ... in a few recent postings, I have suggested to
interpret the concatenation of two EVA letters as a single AAH symbol in some instances.
The underlying assumption is, of course, that letters like "c" or "e" have been
used as building blocks to construct more complex characters. If we can confirm
this hypothesis, we could at least reduce some of the redundancy occuring in the MS.


EVA "ce" is really not too far from the astrologigal character for Pisces,
EVA "sh" could represent Libra,
EVA "as" might be Scorpio, and so on ...

In order to baffle future would-be decipherers, the unknown author possibly
used different variants for the same sign in the middle of a "word" as he used
for endings - EVA "s" might be "Taurus"-as-ending, whereas EVA "eo" or "oe"
might represent "Taurus"-in-the-middle. Of course we have to be careful with
our conjectures, as the simplicity of the basic symbols invites to a myriad of

One of questions to be answered to confirm the AAH is: do we find all signs/
planets in EVA? Some of the symbols used in the second ring of f57v hardly
occur in the text, for instance "x", which supposedly stands for Jupiter. 
Nick Pelling suggested that "q" would also be a good choice for Jupiter,
and I think that also "qo" serves the same purpose.

One of the oddest symbols used in f57v is the sign for Cancer (EVA &199).
After careful re-examination of the text, it seems not altogether unlikely to me
that EVA "dy" as well as EVA "oy" could be interpreted as shorthand versions of
EVA &199.

What do you think?


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