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Re: No numbers in the VMS

Hi Zachary,

I seem to recall someone stating that there were no numbers
found in the VMS, I'm not too sure about letter frequencies, so I
was wondering how this conclusion was reached.
The reason I was wondering was how the search was done.
Was whoever figured this out doing it on a Base 10 numbering
system?  I recall that the greeks or romans used Base 12
and the Babylonians and Egyptians used like Base 60.
If the VMS was copied from an older source as it's believed,
wouldn't the numbering maybe be in another base.

If the VMS is in code, then it's a code that is designed to hide lots of things - for example, repeated letters ("ee" is almost certainly a composite letter), numbers, and perhaps even the underlying alphabet itself.

One idea is that the end sequences of (for example) ot- words could be numbers: the context (or perhaps some other hint in the text) may indicate what to do with it.

Any other suggestions for where numbers could have been hidden in the VMS?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....